23rd-25th 2024


Olliefest, the beginnings and the future

Olliefest first began in memory of Ollie Floyd, a much loved talented young man who’s tragic accident affected many in the local area. Originally called Smilefest which reminded us of his infectious cheeky smile! A celebration of this talented lads life. Over the years the festival has grown so much and we are truly grateful for the continued support of Ollies friends and family. From choosing charities and volunteering, to performing on the main stage from a very young age, not to mention any names, Noah Rawlings 😉. The memories made will not be forgotten that’s for sure! As the attendance has increased and the years have gone by, we fear the reasons behind starting the event have started to seem a bit distant. We want to remember why we started this all but also respect Ollies family which is why we have decided to change the name of the festival whilst continuing to support the charities chosen by his family